A lot of people are concerned about immigrants coming to the United States and changing the American way of life. (Never mind that there are many different ways of life in this country.)

Well, if you’re in a place with a fairly small proportion of foreign-born residents, and if you’re concerned about how a future with more immigrants will look, then I have good news.

You see, I come from the future — that is, Los Angeles. L.A.’s population is about forty percent foreign-born, high above the national average of about thirteen percent. And life among the immigrants is pretty good.

Oh, sure, I get as frustrated as anyone else when I deal with people who don’t speak English. What’s more, you tend to find poverty where you find new immigrants, since newcomers have a hard time finding jobs that pay decently. And there are other problems, especially if you don’t like encountering unfamiliar cultures.

For the most part, though, I find that immigrants make life more interesting. New holidays, new foods, new viewpoints. If you keep an open mind, you may even like it.

Welcome to the future.

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