I have a recommendation for anyone who lives in Los Angeles: Go shopping on Fairfax Avenue south of Melrose Avenue. It’s a wonderland for the discount hunter.

            If you’re looking for produce, you’ll find low prices on fruits and vegetables at Cochran Market and Fairfax Market, between Melrose and Beverly Boulevard.

            For fresh-baked breads and pastries, try Diamond Bakery. If you’re in the market for bagels in particular, The Bagel Broker on Beverly a couple of blocks east of Fairfax is one of the best bargains in town.

            Further south, at Third Street and Fairfax, is the famous Farmer’s Market, where open-air cafes offer some very generous deals. Across the street from the Farmer’s Market is the Town and Country Shopping Center, home to one of the city’s great unsung bargains: Andre’s Italian cafeteria, a neighborhood landmark for more than 40 years. 

          If you’re clothes shopping, Fairfax has quite a few thrift shops and secondhand stores. You can find the National Council of Jewish Women’s thrift store between Melrose and Beverly. And on Beverly half a block west of Fairfax is a big Goodwill emporium.

            At Fairfax and Wilshire, across an alley from the picturesque but shuttered Johnie’s restaurant, is the Marinello School of Beauty, home of inexpensive hair styling. Hip young students cut your hair under the sharp eye of expert teachers to make you look great without puncturing your wallet much.

            Finally, for just about everything, head down to Wilshire Boulevard about half a block west of Fairfax and dive into the 99¢ Only Store. Food, clothes, school supplies, shampoo, electrical equipment, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, batteries — the 99 has all of it, often under famous brand names, and cheap. It may not be first quality — but if you want first quality, you shouldn’t be a bargain hunter!