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I keep hearing that the San Diego Comic-Con is too big. I think it’s too small.

Look at Lucca Comics & Games in Italy or Brazil’s Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos or France’s Angoulême International Comics Festival or Japan’s amazing Comiket, which has attracted up to 600,000 people. San Diego’s almost a piker compared to those Leviathans.

Of course, when people complain that the San Diego con is too big, they seem to mean that non-comics events and displays overpower the ones devoted to comics. They have a point —

— but their point supports mine. Imagine if the S.D. con pulled in so many comics-focused fans, professionals and exhibitors that they overshadowed the Hollywood contingent.

As it happens, I like the Hollywood presence at the show. I enjoy seeing immense corporations and their globally famous stars kowtow to us nerds. Their presence and efforts demonstrate how much we matter.

But I’d like to see a con that attracts more than half a million fans who care mainly about plain old comic books.