I just had a terrible thought.


Kylo Ren in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS admires Darth Vader and plans to finish what Vader began in the original trilogy. Scary stuff.

But what if another STAR WARS character had his own acolytes? Me-sa terrified!

Imagine: Over the past decades, legends have been growing around Jar Jar Binks, loyal companion of Jedi Knights and the Queen of Naboo. A Binks cult arises. Hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of acolytes and wanna-bes bumbling and flapping and jabbering in that annoying whine.

And like metal filings to a magnet, they’re heading straight toward the only descendants of his old friends Anikin and Amidala. They’re zeroing in on Luke and Leia, determined to cling to them like mynocks on the Millennium Falcon.

I’d rather face a double six-pack of Sith Lords.