If one of your New Year’s resolutions is the remodel your home, here are three pieces of remodeling advice:

Budget money not just for remodeling but for eating out.
This advice applies to remodeling kitchens and dining areas, of course — but even if you’re redoing other rooms, your home will probably get so dusty and hard to navigate (as you and the workers move furniture and other possessions out of the spaces being remodeled and crowd them into the rest of your home) that you will want to eat elsewhere. The cost of eating out mounts up fast over the span of a typical, weeks-long remodel.

Prepare for the stress of living in a home where nothing is where it used to be.
Whether it’s a familiar comfy chair or a cupboard full of your favorite food, looking for something to be where it’s always been but finding it gone from there can be disorienting. If it’s been moved so that you have to push half a dozen other things aside in order to get to it, your disorientation can metastasize into frustration. If multiple items get moved around over the course of a month-long remodel, frustration can explode into red-eyed fury.

Understand that no matter how sincerely a contractor and his workers promise to put every object back where it was before they moved it, their idea of “where it was” won’t match your idea.
A table that goes “under a window” means “centered under the window” to you but “somewhere under the window” to the workers. Even when they get the location right, there can be other problems. Workers in my home office put a desk back where it was — but they put it in backwards.

This has been a public service from DAMMIT, WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY LIVING ROOM?