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As someone who likes both politics and super-heroes, I’ve been thinking about which politicians share traits and characteristics with which super-heroes.

Barack Obama, for instance, reminds me of Reed Richards: professorial, endlessly articulate, sometimes reluctant to leap into violent action, yet completely convinced that he deserves to be the leader.

Ted Cruz? Batman: A purist and ideologue thoroughly devoted to his crusade for what he sees as right — and willing to say and do things that disturb even his colleagues and allies.

Bernie Sanders: The ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing. Born a working-class New Yorker, he’s always ready for a brawl. “Hey, Wall Street — it’s clobberin’ time!”

Hillary Clinton: A female Ozymandias — fiercely intelligent, convinced that she knows how the world should be, and willing to cut corners to make it happen.

Donald Trump: DC’s badass Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, always ready to brag about how great he is and how everyone else is a loser.

Marco Rubio: Young, bright, energetic, and talented, but not as imposing as his colleagues: No one but Robin. (Cruz and Rubio as Batman and Robin? Hmmm…)