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Has anyone in comics taken Captain America back to his roots as a hero against horrors?

A high number of the original Simon & Kirby stories in the early 1940s seemed to involve zombies, vampires and other gruesome creatures. Even Cap’s chief enemy, the Red Skull, is a pretty grotesque sight. As Joe Simon said, “Many of his early adventures were mysteries and horror stories, putting him up against mobsters and monsters. We even had zombies before they became as popular as they are today.” (http://marvel.com/…/1…/joe_simon_father_of_the_first_avenger)

I’d love to write Cap with elements of modern horror. Imagine Cap dealing with terrors like those of THE CONJURING or the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film series. On the surface, Cap’s world looks like the standard Marvel Universe — but he keeps catching fleeting glimpses of something odder than he’s used to — and it turns out to be terrifying.