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Re-saw THE IRON GIANT recently. I saw the picture when Warner Bros. first released it in 1999, and it holds up nicely.

It reminds me of another animated feature that came out three years later: LILO AND STITCH. A dangerous alien entity comes to Earth; a kid (an only child, a bit of a handful, who lives with an unmarried young woman who’s apparently the kid’s sole relative) finds the creature, befriends him and teaches him to be compassionate rather than destructive. Each movie even has a good-looking prospective suitor for the kid’s older relative.

Both movies, by the way, had the same film editor, Darren T. Holmes (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0391789/). How important he was to shaping each film I don’t know.

The movie also reminded me of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, in that each movie featured a powerful being of few words — words voiced by Vin Diesel. (I kept hoping that the Giant would say, “I am Groot,” even though I knew that he wouldn’t.)

Apparently, the filmmakers noticed the similarity, too. Diesel said later, “So they said, they wanted me to play a tree. They said there was something akin to Iron Giant about this tree, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for the Iron Giant.” (http://screenrant.com/vin-diesel-marvel-movies/).

Anyway, a good movie.