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It’s not enough to feel that people who disagree with you on politics are wrong on the facts or are misguided or simply have a different perspective on the world. So many people seem eager to say, with little or no proof, that their political opponents are criminal, corrupt, stupid, hateful, insane, or immoral.

I dislike this harshness. I voted against Presidents Reagan and Bush 41, not to mention John McCain and Mitt Romney, but they seemed in many ways to be good men. I just disagreed with their political viewpoints. A lot.

I admit that this way of thinking is a personal, emotional thing. Harshness scares me.

What’s more, calling someone evil or idiotic is sometimes justified. And sometimes, people on my own side deserve that kind of condemnation.

And sometimes, I’ve been guilty of writing and speaking in nasty ways myself — particularly about Donald Trump.

But in general, I’d rather consider someone just plain wrong without insulting his or her morals, integrity and intelligence.