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Here’s a cheat sheet for writers of TV and radio (where seconds count), comics (where every word eats up valuable art space) and other media that value terseness. It’s a list of common phrases that you can plug into a find-and-replace command and shorten your copy.

Just another public service from your editor.

a number of = some
afford an opportunity = allow
along the lines of = like
as a means of = to
as a consequence of = because
as regards = about
at the present time = now
at this point in time = now
at this time = now
by means of = by
comply with = follow
despite the fact that = although
due to the fact that = because
for the purpose of = for / to
for the reason that = because / since
give consideration to = consider
has a requirement for = needs
in a timely manner = on time
in addition = also / besides / too
in an effort to = to
in connection with = about
in order to = to
in reference to = about
in regard to = about
in relation to = about
in spite of the fact that = although
in the amount of = for
in the course of = during
in the event of = if
in the event that = if
in the nature of = like
in the near future = soon
in the neighborhood of = about
in view of the fact that = because / since
is able to = can
it is probable that = probably
not in a position to = unable to
notwithstanding the fact that = although
on a daily basis = daily
on the basis of = by / based on
on the part of = for / by
over the duration of = during
owing to the fact that = because
prior to = before
subsequent to = after
under the provisions of = under
until such time as = until
with a view to = to
with reference to = about
with regard to = about
with respect to = about
with the exception of = except