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Finally saw Zootopia. A good movie, but as it went on, I found myself getting less and less delighted with it, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Now, I think I have it.

The movie is a whodunnit that takes place in fascinating neighborhoods full of interesting characters. But as it unreels, it concentrates less on exploring the neighborhoods and the characters, and more on solving the whodunnit and stopping/catching the villain.

So as the story goes on, the movie starts under-using some of its most appealing elements.

I’m not saying that a whodunnit can’t work in animation. The standard for that sort of thing is Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

But as Roger goes on, it keeps revealing more and more about its characters and milieus (milieux?). In scene after scene, Roger offers the audience new discoveries, while Zootopia starts to level off after a while.

Fortunately, Zootopia never plateaus completely, which is one reason why it’s a good movie. Despite its flaws, I’d be happy to see it again.