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I know that a lot of people have hated the new Ghostbusters trailers. Even Melissa McCarthy, one of the movie’s stars, has admitted that the first trailer wasn’t all that good.

But a one-after-another viewing of the second trailer and the original Murray-Aykroyd-Landis movie’s trailer provides an interesting contrast.

The original has a much more “serious,” mock-menacing tone, which contrasted with the trailer’s gags and highlighted them.

Also, the original doesn’t include Ernie Hudson’s character much at all, while second new-GB trailer gives time to all of the ’busters.

Another difference, a big one, is Bill Murray’s sublime confidence. The stars of the new movie are funny, but none of them displays Murray’s apparent ease and panache. Comedies don’t always need that kind of style, but it sure did buoy the original movie.

Bottom line, though, is that both the original and the second “new Ghostbusters” trailer have a few good laughs. So despite all of the hatred and controversy over the new trailers, I think that the new movie has a good chance to be really funny.

And in any case, we’ll find out sooner or later, won’t we?