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Dick Grayson: As Robin or Nightwing, I’ve always liked him, and one reason is that he’s often done what super-heroes don’t usually do: Punch above his weight class.

Superman most often fights opponents with super-powers or super-weapons. Batman most often fights guys like himself: brilliant, violent and relentless, but human rather than superhuman. The Flash, being a specialist — he has only one super-power — most often fights other one-power specialists, like Captain Cold or Mirror Master. And so on.

But when Dick Grayson was a kid in the Robin costume, he usually fought adults. He has no super-abilities, but with the Titans and elsewhere, he’s gone up against opponents with immense powers or devastating weapons.

I’d like to see the unequal battle return as a staple of Dick Grayson’s adventures. Nightwing versus Darkseid, Nightwing versus Larfleeze, Nightwing versus Mongul: Watching how the kid with nothing but a leotard, a stick, and his wits takes out demigods would be a lot of fun.

I’d even like to write those comics myself.