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Finally saw INSIDE OUT last night. A good movie, so rich with intricate visuals and emotional insight that I think it’ll be worth watching again and again.

I have problems with some of the structure in the middle, where (small SPOILER ALERT) the characters Joy and Sadness have to find a way back to the Headquarters at the front of young Riley’s consciousness. The order of the places that the characters must traverse to get home seems arbitrary. The film didn’t make the audience (or at least this audience member) know why the characters had to go to particular places at particular points in the narrative.

The story justifies the sequence of places by noting that a manual tells the characters to go that way, but why does the manual give that instruction? There’s no reason other than “the manual says so.” Which is, essentially, the filmmakers saying, “They’re going that way because we say so.” Not very satisfying.

If the visits had followed the path of, say, how an emotion comes to the front of a person’s consciousness, the order of stops along Joy and Sadness’ journey would have felt more clever, more organic and more necessary.

But that’s a small quibble for a show that presented a strong subject in a wise and entertaining way. A good, good movie.