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I don’t like the phrase “I caught a cold.” If you catch a fish or a baseball or anything else, you’ve got control of it. But a cold? The cold’s in control of you. If I could, I’d change “I caught a cold” to “A cold’s caught me.” Much more accurate.

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A lot of companies like to mess with capitalization in their press releases, annual reports and other PR efforts. Guys, putting your company name in ALL CAPS and referring to it as “the Company” doesn’t make you look important and dignified. It makes you look pretentious or grabbing desperately for status.

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Note to writers: When you have to cut, cut adjectives and adverbs. If your nouns and verbs are strong enough, no reader will notice that anything’s missing. If your nouns and verbs aren’t strong enough, replace them with ones that are.

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This has been a public service from your host, the Grumpy Copy Editor.