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One frequent complaint about Hillary Clinton is her voice. That complaint seems odd to me, especially because Donald Trump’s voice, a New York bray as hard as a brick, doesn’t seem to get so many complaints. (People would rather complain about what he says, I guess.)

For that matter, I don’t remember people griping much about most presidential candidates’ voices. George H.W. Bush’s reedy timbre, for instance, suffered in comparison to the warm and fatherly tone of his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, but I don’t recall people discussing it much.

But Hillary? “[She] has a loud and clear voice,” Stanford University linguistics professor Penelope Eckert told New Republic writer Elspeth Reed last year: “A ‘nice’ woman tends to have a breathy voice. There’s nothing breathy about Hillary Clinton’s voice. And if somebody doesn’t want a woman to be powerful, they’re not going to like that voice.”