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Some people have compared Donald Trump to the demagogue entertainer in Eliza Kazan and Budd Schulberg’s A Face in the Crowd, and they have a point. I’d like to add another character, though: Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s clueless NASCAR driver in Talledega Nights.

Like Trump, Ricky — whose motto is “If you ain’t first, you’re last” — is a charismatic media star obsessed with his status as the king of his field.

Like Trump, Ricky is drawn to much younger women (played by Leslie Bibb and Amy Adams). He’s so focused on beauty that he doesn’t notice the Amy Adams character until she gets conventionally hot rather than nerdily cute.

Like Trump, Ricky indulges his sons (named Walker and Texas Ranger) when they misbehave and toss around some very rude insults.

And like Trump, Ricky’s attitude toward foreigners (embodied in a gay French driver played by Sacha Baron Cohen) is based in ignorance and prejudice.

Ricky’s funnier than Trump, though.