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Hillary Clinton looks so likely to become president that some potential Clinton voters may feel no need to vote for her. They may vote for a third-party candidate or not bother voting at all.

If you’re one of these voters, please listen: It’s important not just to defeat Donald Trump but to defeat him massively.

Trump has hinted that if he loses, he might not concede defeat. Obstructionism like that could provoke more instability, disunity, and bitterness than even the prolonged Bush-Gore vote count in 2000. The best way to eliminate the danger: Give Clinton so many more votes than Trump that no one can sanely question his defeat.

Besides, if we allow Trump to get close to victory — even if he eventually loses — his near miss will inspire other demagogues: “Trump almost won, even though he made a lot of mistakes. If I avoid his mistakes, I could be president.” Please use your vote to show would-be Trumps that they don’t have even the slightest chance.

Thank you.