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With the death of the well-liked Anton Yelchin, who played U.S.S. Enterprise navigator Chekov in the recent Star Trek movies, I presume that the Trek filmmakers won’t hire someone else to play the role. If they make another Star Trek film, they may hire some nondescript actor to play some anonymous navigation officer. Like other bit, background and extra players, the new performer will fill out the scene but do little else.

Instead, my idea: The ship’s new navigator is a familiar face — Carol Marcus, who came aboard in the second new Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.

After all, Into Darkness concluded with Captain Kirk telling Marcus, “I’m glad you could be a part of the family,” to which she replied, “It’s nice to have a family.” Despite that warm and friendly buildup, implying that she might stick around, she was absent from the third movie, Star Trek Beyond.

I’d like to see Marcus back in the next Trek. The series could use more women (Lt. Uhura is the only female in the main ensemble), and it’d be nice to see an old friend in so central a position as the navigator’s seat.