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I like to play with alternative history.

In recent decades, most African-Americans haven’t voted Republican. Part of the problem started with presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Richard Nixon’s famous “Southern Strategy.”

But . . .

What if more GOP leaders had followed the examples of Republicans like Earl Warren (Chief Justice when the Supreme Court ruled against school segregation), President Dwight Eisenhower (who sent the 101st Airborne to enforce the ruling), and Senate leader Everett Dirksen (who supported the Civil Rights Act?) What if more Republicans had been like Michigan governor George Romney and New York congressman Jack Kemp, who believed in equality and civil rights?

Maybe the Republicans would have more black voters (and Latinos and other people of color) today.

Of course, one can play a similar game with the Democrats. I wish that the Dems had paid more attention to the concerns of the low-income whites who voted for Trump.