A while back, I provided a quick aid to copy cutting, and people seemed to like it. Below is a new set of unnecessary words and phrases that you can usually shorten or delete, and still make your point. Making these changes won’t change the point that you’re trying to make; they’ll just help you present your point in language that’s precise and brief. Consider it a free service from me, The Grumpy Editor.

Enjoy your search and replace!

12 midnight = midnight
a sufficient number of = enough
absolutely = [delete]
actual fact = fact
add an additional = add
added bonus = bonus
all things considered = [delete]
as a matter of fact = [delete]
as far as I’m concerned = [delete]
basic fundamentals = fundamentals
basic necessities = necessities
basically = [delete]
because of the fact that = because
biography of the life = biography
by virtue of the fact that = because
cease and desist = stop
close proximity = proximity
collaborate together = collaborate
completely = [delete]
definitely = [delete]
do not have much confidence in = doubt
do not pay attention to = ignore
during the course of = during / in / while
each and every = each
end result = result
equal to one another = equal
exact same = same
final outcome = outcome
first of all = first
for all intents and purposes = [delete]
for the most part = mostly
free gift = gift
future plans = plans
gather together = gather
go back over = review
have a conversation = discuss
have a discussion concerning = discuss
important essentials = essentials
in a manner of speaking = [delete]
in my opinion = [delete]
in the process of = in
introduce for the first time = introduce
it is important to note that = [delete]
it is important to remember that = [delete]
it should be borne in mind that = [delete]
knowledgeable expert = expert
literally = [delete]
make an announcement = announce
may possibly = may
mutual respect for each other = mutual respect
new innovation = innovation
past experience = experience
personal opinion = opinion
policy-making process = policy making
quite = [delete]
rather = [delete]
really = [delete]
reason why = reason
refer back = refer
revert back = revert
safe haven = haven
still remains = remains
surround on all sides = surround
surrounding circumstances = circumstances
the important thing is to = [delete]
the point I am trying to make is = [delete]
there is no doubt but that = no doubt
to record the fact that = to record that
type of = [delete]
unexpected surprise = surprise
unintentional mistake = mistake
very = [delete]
what I mean to say is = [delete]