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People on my side of politics like to call Donald Trump a fascist or even a Nazi, because Trump, Nazism and fascism are all on the right side of the spectrum.

But Nazism and fascism began as political theories that their proponents developed and wrote down before taking power.

Trump’s no theorist. Unlike, say, Ronald Reagan, who advocated a plan of government long before entering it, Trump didn’t elaborate an ideology much more detailed than “Make America Great Again.”

Trump reminds me of Franklin Roosevelt, who took power without a fully organized philosophy of government beyond a few basic ideas. Roosevelt defined his way of governing by doing it.

An even better Trump analog is another ruler who created a type of government from action rather than ideology: Josef Stalin.

(Stalin did have an ideology — communism, of course — but his notoriety and power didn’t derive primarily from his deep thoughts and intellectual writings on the subject.)

Unlike Stalin, Trump is no mass murderer. No matter how bad you think Trump is, Stalin was exponentially worse.

But Trump has a Stalinist style: Insisting that he himself is the best of everything, denouncing and condemning anyone he dislikes, rewriting recent history to contradict the facts.

Am I wrong?