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Computer problems? RTFM.

Start with anything. You can always revise.

Orgasm can be a useful way to clear one’s head.

Read your work out loud. You’ll catch mistakes that way.

Nobody wants to hear your novel’s plot. Especially not in detail.

When you’re stuck, take a walk outside. Bring a notepad and pen.

Don’t expect sympathy. You’re doing what other people say they want to do.

Go back to work. Take breaks as you need them, but keep going back to work.

Editors and publishers lie. So do you, Mister High and Holy. (Not that you should.)

As Super Chicken said to his assistant Fred, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

No project is real until the contract is signed and the check clears, and sometimes not even then.

As screenwriter and novelist William Goldman wrote, the easiest thing to do on Earth is not write.

Original sources, always. So much of what you think is true has suffered distortion in passing through multiple minds.

Wherever you go, bring a notepad and pen. You never know when you’ll find something intriguing and want to remember it.

A comfortable, strong, high-backed desk chair can make you feel as masterful as a skipper at the helm or a concert pianist at the keyboard.

The most beautiful word in the English language is “Done.” (My colleague Craig Miller says, with good reason, that the most beautiful word is “Paid.”)

Bring into your workspace favorite foods, pets, music, videos or whatever else makes you want to stay there, as long as they don’t distract you from working.

If I ever reach the point where pressures from work lead me to hurt or neglect people I love, shoot me. If this directive leads me to do lesser work — well, that sucks and is to be avoided; but so be it.

When I write fiction, I yearn for nonfiction or journalism, where you don’t have to invent the incidents and dialogue. When I write nonfiction or journalism, I yearn for fiction, where you don’t have to unearth and verify facts but can simply invent everything.

Everything takes longer than you expect.