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The chain of command on the Kirk-Spock version of the U.S.S. Enterprise is stupidly sexist.

After Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock, who takes over? Chief Engineer Scott, Helmsman and Weapons Officer Sulu, and in one episode of the original series, Assistant Chief Engineer DeSalle. But what about Communications Officer Uhura?

In movies and TV, Uhura has commanded the Enterprise just once, in an episode of the animated series when every man on the ship was unavailable — as if Uhura ranked under even the lowliest yeoman swab, as long as he was male.

I can understand Scotty taking command before Uhura. He outranks her and seems to have more seniority.

But Sulu? The guy who’s in charge of steering the ship and firing weapons would deserve to take over if the Enterprise were a warship constantly speeding into battles, firing on enemies, and evading attack.

It’s not a warship, though. One of the Enterprise‘s top missions is contacting civilizations new to the Federation — a job of communications. The chain of command should be Kirk, Spock, Scott, Uhura, Sulu. (I get the feeling that TOS’s producers installed DeSalle simply because they needed someone in charge and didn’t think about putting Uhura there.)

If we see future movies featuring the original characters, I want to see Uhura in the command chair.