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When I hear conservatives criticize liberals — not liberal policies, but liberals themselves — I wonder how many liberals they’ve met. My politics are liberal, but you could call my daily life conservative.

• I’m in a monogamous, heterosexual marriage — the only marriage I’ve ever had. My family is the center of my life.
• As a self-employed freelancer, I embodied a Republican ideal: the independent business owner.
• I value hard work. I work hard at my job, and I honor and reward the hard workers in my home. (We own our home, by the way. It’s in the suburbs.)
• While I’m not religious, I respect the devotion that kept my fellow Jews going amid centuries of suffering.
• I’m proud to show how much I love my country. We proudly post our American flag on federal holidays.

If I live like a conservative, why do I talk, write, and vote like a liberal?

Because my liberalism comes from beliefs so old-fashioned that you could call them conservative.

• I believe in individual freedom — for instance, the freedom of consenting adults to have any kind of sex or marriage that they want.
• I believe in the Declaration of Independence and its demand that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness — especially when people pursue happiness by immigrating to the United States.
• I believe in the First Amendment’s protection of expression (including anti-American expressions such as flag burning), freedom of religion (including Islam), freedom of the press (even if Donald Trump calls the press the enemy of the people), and freedom of assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances.

That’s why I’m a liberal, no matter how conservative my life seems to be.