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Image result for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez glamorous
A model Congresswoman? (Photo by Cass Bird)

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says and does things that thrill progressives like me. But how much of her appeal comes from her being young and attractive?

John Kennedy’s good looks and relative youth helped him to become president and keep his popularity high after he died. Justin Trudeau, fortunately still alive, has had the same effect on Canadians.

Ronald Reagan wasn’t young when he ran for president, but his movie-star face and trim build were part of his charisma.

Barack Obama wasn’t a great beauty, but he was only 45 when he started running for president, which helped voters believe that he could bring a fresh approach to the job; he defeated Hillary Clinton (59 years old at the time) and John McCain (age 70).

Will AOC still be as exciting when she’s no longer young and beautiful? Or to put it another way, how shallow are those of us who like her?